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This shot from Jessica and Tyler's wedding looks pretty danged neat & also shows serious hair dye

What do you do when you've got such a young and happy bride and groom and you feel like an old gorgon? Just add a little moustache hair die, and look like a nutjob! lol! It's all good....their day was wonderful, and I was NOT the star of the show, anyway! Blessings to all our brides and grooms, especially the couples I've been able to provide the honor of officiating!

Easter is in the air, but it's a moody-looking Good Friday at the chapel. Mrs. Boss has headed down to the chapel great room to snag tables for Easter Sunday, since the weather is supposed to be nice enough to be on the main house front porch. Thank goodness! We love our gatherings and parties at the chapel, but also love a meaningful Easter Sunday on the porch at the main house, build in 1908!

Almost all the linens are done from Logan and Keaton's wedding, and I've still got to get Susan's deposit out to her, so aftermath is clearing. There's no bible study at the chapel this week, since the Easter Holiday is upon us, but we'll be resuming next Sunday. We really enjoyed having L&B join us for the last bible study, and want to remind everyone that they're welcome as long as their nice. lol. We'd love to have you join us!

Flowers and plants are finally, slowly coming up in the chapel circle, and the oleander is finally getting somewhat green. We've not had a springtime where the greening up of the chapel grounds has taken quite so long. It's primarily been because of nice days, followed by nights in the low 40's which has slowed things down considerably!

Well, Cindy is here to craft for Easter Sunday, so I'll close. Blessings to one and all for a Holy and meaningful Easter Sunday!


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