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This photo of the Bruce Family has 'magazine layout' written all over it! What a great shot of all!

I can't remember why Jolene set up this photo shoot, and I think it was not this last fall, but the one before. Anyway, I remember thinking the proofs were just amazing. This shot of the fam walking NB in front of the chapel is fun, and even EmmyLou gets a small cameo appearance behind Ciaran! The fact that our brides and grooms come back again and again for weddings, parties, work detail, visits, meals, games nights, etc., means all the world to the two of us. BTW...the chapel does make a great backdrop for photo sessions, and Alyssa just had her engagements done here. Never a charge, even if you're not a Caliber Oak bride and groom. The chapel is for sharing!

Speaking of sharing....we're pretty excited about 47 folks 'sharing' their hard-earned money with Slice of Heaven Educational Farm this weekend for the games night fundraiser. In case you haven't heard, there's still room for YOU and the entry dontation is $15... We'd suggest bringing more $$, since the games will continue for a while! Many thanks to SOHEF stepping up to the plate so beautifully, all the support and donations, and also Dr. Greg Stegliachi, the official Senior Vice President in charge of cash and making change at the event! Fun is certainly to be had this weekend!

We get to squeeze in a great bridal visit on Sunday before the charity event, and we're just about there with table set up. Buffet is done with steamed linens... winner's bell is out, cash bowl needs to be cleaned, plates and napkins out, things sorted, but it's all under control at this point! Cannot Wait!

Gotta go see what other kind of trouble we can get into today, so will close. Have an outstanding Friday, and a wonderful weekend! Will visit with you soon! See you @ 6p on 3/6/22, we hope!


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