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This photo doesn't do justice to the amazing rehearsal dinner flowers that were on display for A&G!

The colors and the abundance were just amazing, and the whole place looked ethereal and cooler than the 103 degrees outside! Certainly one of the nicest rehearsal dinners we've ever had here, and cannot wait for the next one!

Hotter than blazes at the Chapel today, but fortunately, this weekend's wedding is supposed to be about 4 degrees cooler than last weekend, not that it matters all that much. We all know it's going to be hot going into it, so will put our big people wedding clothes on and deal! Even if we get a little warm, we'll have a great time, and that's what counts!

Clemente probably won't have to come this week, since the grass hasn't grown, since we haven't had rain. Rain is something the chapel could use, and if you're a praying person, which you probably are or you wouldn't be reading this blog, go for it!

We get to meet a new couple tomorrow for a wedding tour, which will be fun! I love it when a wedding group is a little out of the 'norm' for us from a median age or culture perspective, since it broadens our horizons.

Ok, I need to run, Jolene is on her way with snacks and bev, so I need to be ready for that!:) Blessings to one and all for a great Tuesday, and we'll talk with you soon!


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