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This photo could possibly be from one of the happiest days of my life 8 years ago. The magic Molly!

While it looks like there's a lot of fingerpointing going on in this picture (lol), it's very rare for me to get to work with a bride I adore this much. All of my brides are special, and they hold a special place in my heart. Something about this one, though. Extra caring, extra sweet, and just adore her through and through to this day! She's married one of our finest grooms ever, and produced a magical family that will endure. So very proud, and so very thankful for this very special day and reminder of how much fun we had!

No wedding this weekend, and as those of you who know us can attest...that's ok! We love our wedding weekends to pieces, but also love the weekends where we can recoup, reflect, and just enjoy happy memories of the laughter, dances, cakes and flowers that have flowed through this chapel so many, many times! We truly love what we do, and it is our joy. So many have said it's our ministry, and I never really agreed with that, but since I've gotten older, I'm thinking they may be right. That felt especially true this month when we were able to host so many wonderful charity parties and give back to others.

Refinish of the floors in the groom's room is coming along, but will be delayed due to Christmas travel. No worries. We've got plenty of time to make it all come back together.

Still need to work on some landscaping for the spring in the front of the chapel. We're thinking some nice shrubbery (love that Monty Python reference) and when the winter is over we'll figure it out.

Please have a wonderful day, and we hope to holler at you soon to keep you abreast of the wonderful world of chapel! Blessings to you!


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