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This is what love looks like @ the 20-year mark. We really love renewal of vows events like this!

It's one thing to saddle up and do the wedding thing when you're a young pup or poppet. It's a whole 'nuther ballgame when you've survived 20 years of him, her, us, them, ups, downs, rich, poor, crabby, smiley, stinky and clean! Renewal of vows are so special to us, since THAT is the whole reason the chapel exists to this day. We celebrated OUR 25th here and the charmed spot has now been the site of 176 magical unions and marital re-unions. There's something very meaningful about a couple that puts a busy life on hold, just for a bit, and says, "This relationship we've had for 20 years is worth celebrating". In some ways, the renewal of vows @ 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, + are even more poignant than the original wedding. The couple have considered it, lived it, and bravely say, let's CELEBRATE it for all to see. Couples like McKenzie and Luke are wonderful examples for others to see. By witnessing their own marriage vows and renewing them, they demonstrate the power of love, marital bliss :), and dedication to each other. It's how you build a family, live a loving life and know where you belong. God bless these two as they move into the next double digits of married life!

Otherwise, it's a far-less glamorous world of cleanup and recovery @ the chapel. My online banking account is acting up so I haven't been able to pay our last couple NOR the two pictured here the deposit/refund balances they're due, so I'm working on that technical glitch today! Just going to go with another bank where we have an account as my work around. We're good for it!

Met with Susan and Emmy yesterday to go over the SSWS Luncheon and Officer Installation plan for their donated day in a few short weeks. Sounds like it'll be a fun change of scenery for the event and we're thrilled to be working with two such lovely ladies! We might even go to bingo with one of them very soon!

Otherwise, not much is new. Tour this week, immaculate cleanup by Elena, watering seedlings. I still have 3-5 pots I need to fill with dirt so that I can get the remainder of my zinnia seeds in the soil. Wish me luck! Blessings to one and all for a tremendous second half of the week, and say a prayer for all the blessings you've enjoyed ALREADY today! :)


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