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This is the kind of bride and groom picture that makes me smile! Random inbox wedding crashers!

What made this photo so excellent was the message that came along with it, which was basically how a bride and groom feel driving past the open gate, knowing there's a wedding going on as fun as theirs, and really, really wanting to crash the fun! I think very few of our brides and grooms would be offended, and when I told Saturday's bride about this fun message, she said, "They should have come!". Now THAT is how our bride and grooms roll around here. I think one of the best parts of this whole gig is when we get to see the brides and grooms over and over again after the big day. I also think that Sarah and Otto are voted 'most likely' to crash a wedding, and it'll be fun! Don't forget, y'all, you can always hide in the kitchen with me and ooooh and ahhhhh through the window at the goings on like cast members from Downton! :)

Otherwise, life is on the level at the chapel, and not much is going on. I need to get my rusty rear end down there and spray some linens to keep the linen laundering train on track. The boss has been doing most of it, and I've got napkins to handle and more ivory tablecloths to deal with. All will get done, it's just that some things happen faster than others! I don't think anything is planned at the chapel until bible study on Sunday, so we've got time to make things happen. ...and as usual, we're already looking forward to our next wedding.

I do know that zinnias need to be planted in front of the chapel, so I should get working on that! Have a wonderful day, a tremendous rest of the week, and if you pick the right wedding venue, plan your next 'crash' for fun! Blessings on all y'all!


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