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This is a fun one with Cap and the happy couple! Such a delightful wedding and party perfection!

We don't get many "Cap 'n Couple" shots at most weddings, since we're pretty busy making wonderful things happen, but I was glad Shirley was able to snap this one of Josh, Libby and me. It was such a fun day and the post-ceremony relaxation is evident in this special picture. There's always so much anticipation before the main event, and then a nice chance to take a breath at the party and just enjoy everything around you. Thanks for picking our chapel, kids!

Clemente is down at the chapel right now making repairs to the front steps. Saturday morning, I noticed that an edge board had cracked, and decided to put a screw in it so that it wouldn't break during the wedding. Well, Mr. Handyman here managed to strip the screw when it was halfway in, and then had to plier it out, burning his hand on the hot metal in the process. Finally got a screw in that worked and it split the wood a little, but held up for the big day. I'm thinking we've got at least 3 boards that Clemente is replacing now, and got the good floor paint at Sherwin-Williams, so we should be all set with a fresh coat for T&D's big day part deux. Those wooden steps take a beating with traffic, coolers, decor, misc going in and out all the time. Clemente really wants to make that a rock-floored porch kind of like we did on the side, but we have to wait until we're not busy to tear things up that much, and that doesn't seem to be in the cards! :)

Anyway, hope all is well in your part of the chapel fan club, and we're sending out special prayers for Angie and Amy today ... two of our Caliber Oak brides! Blessings to everyone for a wonderful Wednesday, and we will talk to you soon!


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