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This huppah ended up looking pretty danged ethereal for Paige & Trevor's wedding. Custom made!

Even the sunlight glinting off the wood looks great in this shot, and while I didn't get to see much of the finished product, this certainly does look amazing in this photo. It's not always easy to get the vision to come together on-site, but it worked, and having all day to get it done makes all the difference in the world! We're thankful that it's ok and normal for our brides to be here as long as they'd like the day before their wedding so that they can get things 'just right' for the celebration.

Clemente is at the chapel right now, bringing the photinias down to size by the groom's room. I don't think anything in our part of the world grows as quickly as that stuff! We're thankful it's there, however, since it hides the A/C units pretty well, and provides a bit of shade when the sun is at the worst and it's a little overgrown. He also spent time down there this morning making the lawn look better at the chapel and the gate. The turkey foot weed that is native to our area just springs up like crazy at the slightest of drizzles. We're in for a 51% chance for rain today, so our fingers and prayer hands are together on this one!

That's about it from here. I owe 2 brides their booking sheets, so I need to get on that! Mr. Turtle when it comes to some things. Hopefully, the new computer will sync up with the printer well for this exciting activity. We hope everyone has an excellent day and a fun wrap up to the week. Blessings on one and all!


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