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They may not look the absolute freshest HERE, but they've been here for 10 days in the same water!

How much you spend on bridal flowers isn't really the point. The value you receive truly is important. Dr. Carl and Becky Bradley brought us this beautiful arrangement from our #1 recommended floral wedding vendors on New Year's Eve. 10 days later, without a water change or any attention at all, they still looked this beautiful. This is one of the resons that brides enjoy working with the two of us, since it's not about the high price point, but the freshness and value they receive for their money!

What a magical day in chapelland. Emma helped out greatly in gettin ready for wedding homecoming again today, and we got to meet P&T (with their delightful sidekick, E) and not only did we have two separate visits during the same day, they've booked, have vendor information, and selected just about everything for their bid day already. That's really how simple it is at Caliber Oak. We're so very excited about their married adventure together and they both have delightful personalities. Always fun when we meet brides and grooms that are a perfect fit for this excellent venue. Thank you both for trusting us with a "Sunny Day in May"!

Otherwise, not much shakin'. Blessings to all for an excellent Saturday tomorrow, and we're looking forward to meeting/planning with a bride's family AND meeting another new potential bride on Sunday. Monday for A.S.'s rehearsal dinner planning. We're never bored around here! Blessings on you!


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