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The Tundra was out doing a little marketing for the chapel while pulling the RV this weekend!

We bought these signs a few months ago, and have only used them once or twice, and we thought, hey, what the heck. We'll throw them on the truck when we go to the lake this weekend with the RV and do a little promo. They did get noticed, and they really don't look too bad. The colors don't exactly look right with the RV, but the overall effect is eye catching. These signs are really for the '51, '71, and '73 at events, but they work just fine for this use, too! Awareness, y'all!

Well, no planting going on at the chapel this morning....... It's drizzly rain out there with a possibility for some severe weather this evening. The good news is that the rain will keep us inside while we start the setup for D&C's large adventure this weekend. We cannot wait to get started, since this is a wedding we've been looking forward to since day #1! We also got to have a great visit with Paige and Trevor and Paige's parents yesterday to go over details for the wedding - from colors to placement to outdoor seating, etc. Every little detail we can figure out, discuss and plan for in advance means a smooth and easy execution the day of the ceremony! We love it when a plan comes together!

Got all the crafting supplies up to the main house so that we'll be ready to continue making Easter decor a reality tomorrow! Love our annual Lenten crafting journey! Well, I guess I'll close and see what productivity I can create! Have a wonderful day, stay dry and watch for freaky weather if you're in our area!


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