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"The Phantom of the opera is there...........inside my mind...." - Sing it, Christine! ..Well done!

So often, a bride hopes to have a theme wedding and then finds out just how difficult it is to pull off effectively. Frequently, you get a taste here and there of a theme at an event, but that's about it. NOT at Dominique & Peyton's lovely affair! As PotO fans, we were thrilled to see the execution of a lovely and elegant event! The table decor, colors, music, and definitely the MASKS really made all the difference. Well done, team, and it was a thrill to have your wedding here.

I'm so far behind on blogging, I've got multiple other weddings to talk about, but the element they all had in common for the entire Fall 2022 Wedding Season was FLAW.LESS.NESS! Every single wedding this fall was just what the Dr. ordered, and everything went off without a hitch. Our entire year was virtually perfect with 1.5 very, very small bumps in the road that were overcome! Blessings to each and every one of our 2022 couples, and we look forward to the many who are already on the 'books' for 2023! Hard to imagine that this will be the chapel's 13th season of love, light, celebration, dance and frivolity. We'd want it no other way.

This weekend is a private event, and then we put the sterling silver away until after the first of the year when the fun starts all over again. We cannot wait to meet the friends, families, inlaws and outlaws of this upcoming season's events, and are so appreciative that they've trusted us with their biggest of days. We rarely get fooled by who is 'just right' for this chapel (with a small errant exception once in a great while... lol!) so the fun and memories that we are blessed to create in our special space is unbridled, sincere and our absolute joy from start to finish. Everything may not always go exactly as planned, but the recovery always takes place for our special guests!

Blessings to y'all for a wonderful week, and I'll work on getting more wedding intel and evidence out here asap!


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