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The gospel hymn, "Oh Happy Day" has been running through my head all week. This photo IS that hymn!

So many great songs make me think of this wonderful wedding day for Amy & Rory. First of all, he's an all around great guy, and SHE decided to go with one of the most classy, tea-length bridal gowns we've ever had out here! Since then, she's provided a beautiful veil for the window in the bride's room, and Rory has soldiered on and managed challenges others might cower from. Congrats, you two.......I know it's not your special day right now, but this came up in my FB memories, and I had to share's so cool! AND the Eldo is going to prom tonight for Chloe. So many memories get made here every day.

Plants are growing, life is happening, and we're loving the life! Not too much but preparation today at the chapel, because we've got a very unusual "Sunday" wedding tomorrow that we're looking forward to! We love working our absolute best at being what our brides and grooms need for their special day!

Bible study is still happening tomorrow night, and we're on the 5th episode of "The Chosen". Can't wait! Oh, and we have another wonderful bride visit coming up where we get to meet Melissa and family! Never a dull moment around here.

Chloe's here, gotta go! Blessings!


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