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The coolest groom's room this side of Downton, no doubt! It's great to have it back up and running!

After an expensive bit of floor repair and refinishing drama, the groom's room is back up and running and looking fine as ever. A bit more streamlined and uncluttered, and additional lighting installed throughout. Feels fresher but still retains the old world, vintage charm. We love it. (and it's one of my favorite nap spots of all time!)

All is hunky dory in chapel land today, with not much going on. Kind of battening down the hatches, since apparently we're in for a wild weather ride in the next 4-5 days in the temperature departments. The chapel has weathered all storms so beautifully since it's inception, but our main house is the fragile 100+ year old jewel that needs extra care when the temps dip. No matter, we will make this work!

Have had a number of nice inquires in the last 3 weeks about weddings at the chapel, and are amazed at how many are totally enthralled with the place. I can relate, however, since we are too! It's always nice to be able to tell people that the place looks 10 times better in real life than on the net, and really mean it!

Well, I just had a miniature epiphany just now! I realized that I have Staci and Teresa on the calendar for 10a at the chapel to go over the games night plan for Slice of Heaven Educational Farm! I almost forgot! I'll close now and talk to you soon! I'm going to cross-polinate this post to my regular page, too, today, to be sure that everyone on my personal page knows that this blog is a daily thing! Ciao!


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