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That magical moment when one of your newest brides is also a professional baker from Russia! Yummy!

Already a tremendous bride to work with, Svetlana is also extra great, since she's an absolute gourmand with the cakes! She brought us 3 sample cakes that she offers to her clients (she's making her own cake for the wedding, needless to say!) and they were absolutely amazing. Very different in texture and flavor than our normal wedding cakes, and oh - so - decadent! We're already looking forward to their wedding so that we can indulge all over again! Thanks for the calories, Lana - they were WORTH IT!

Another laid back weekday at the chapel of love, but we're doing some marketing for the July 16 fundraiser and also have confirmation on an August 6 fundraiser as well! This has certainly been the year for charity events at the chapel, and we wouldn't want it any other way. It tends to bump our bible study from time to time, but we always come right back to it where we left off.

Temperatures are supposed to be brutal over the next few weeks, so outdoor activities may get a little curtailed. It's all good, since I've got 2 string lights out in the main room and 2-3 of the chandelier bulbs in the DJ corner that I still haven't changed. At least It's not working in the sun.

Our new electric gate is the absolute, and we're loving every push of the button! I can't believe how much time it saves not having to stop, get out, open, drive through, get out, close and lock. If you add all that time up, you're really being more productive. This has nothing to do with laziness! LOL!

Start saving your $5 and $1 and whatever your favorite denomination for the July 16th fundraiser. It promises to be yet ANOTHER screamfest, just like the last few! Truly hope to see you there, and don't forget to check the event out on facebook and also RSVP to Miss Denise if you're coming.

Lots to do, gotta run........... Peace, y'all!


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