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Tea time at the chapel! Miss Denise's Annual Tea drew fun loving guests who knew how to wear a hat!

These two ladies (Noelle and Melissa) are really rocking the black netting here, and their dresses had beautiful patterns and colors. All the attendees seemed to have a lovely time, and we were very grateful to Chloe and Greg for keeping the ball rolling to get everyone served. Group photos to come, as I'm putting them out there as they roll off my phone and feed. The weather was amazing for this year's event, and everything went off without a hitch! We love Miss Denise's annual event, and think the tea drinking, champagne cocktail sipping ladies do to!

Gearing up for a magical wedding weekend and the wedding weather is supposed to be perfect! Which in this case is truly a blessing because we have special exterior decor going on for the event, and about 140 in attendance. It'll be nice for them to have 45 acres to stretch out in! Our bride and groom are a delight (not surprised) and we're all really looking forward to fun. Staff is all set, tables are in place and steaming should commence soon. We're very thankful that Chloe can come help this week (she's really getting into this capitalism thing! :) as she does such a great job and is so very responsible. Our set up end really isn't too bad, since some of the items are bride-provided, so we'll have plenty of time to get everything together.

Kinda bummed about Chad's diagnosis of a floorboard problem in the groom's room, since it seems like it's chewing bugs! We'll be working with Clemente, David and Chad to get this taken care of after this next wedding. Nothing major, but it's always nice when you DONT have to tear up a floorboard or two! :)

It won't be long and we'll be getting ready for THREE lovely Christmas parties at the chapel. Usually, if we put the tree up at all, it goes up after turkey day, but this year, it's going up right after this weekend's wedding so that we're in place for these parties. Hard to imagine the season is almost upon us, but time flies.... We're always amazed when our couples post anniversary notices on FB with 1-year, 3-year, 7-year dates. We just look at them and cannot believe that much time has passed already. We've certainly been given a wonderful location and the perfect setup that's just the right volume of fun for us! Thank you, God, for this wonderful chapel. And thank YOU for reading our chapel blog today! Come back and visit. While I can't get out here every single day, I'm doing pretty well lately.... Have a great one!


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