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Sunday's charity fundraiser is now up to $1,700 in funding due to yet another donor!

As if Sunday's performance could have been any more fun, we're up to $1700 as a result of the generosity of Lynda and Richard Bean's donation while they were here for book club last night. The Unincluded Club will certainly benefit from this money, and the wise guidance they will be providing to others will make a great deal of difference. Don't forget, if you're involved in a charity and need a special place for $0 to raise money......we just might be that place! We've got 4 charitable events on the books for Q4, 2021, and THAT's how you give back for all the blessings you've received! (at least that's OUR take on it!)

In other chapel news.......Clemente has the groom's room floor torn open to fix some boards and beams. Looks nasty and Chad and David will be involved in making the situation right. All will be well, however, as it always is in our wonderful spot.

We've definitely decided that OUR team is not going to 'tray pass' beverages at weddings anymore! We'll come close (maybe with a trolley??!??) :) I couldn't believe that I lost FIVE glasses off the end of my tray, Chloe lost a whole tray of beers that started to explode in her face, and Missy was covered in red wine by the end of the wedding last weekend! We're not as nimble as we thought, however, and DANG, those trays got heavy. Our next gig like this one will feature a lovely, antique, priceless TABLE that we can hand beverages from to our beloved guests.....

Anyway, we want to wish everyone in our chapel family a happy Thursday! Stay warm and think wedding! Blessings to all!


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