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Such an excellent pair of major florals that made a statement at the great room entryway! Love it!

It's not just the floral arrangements that are'd definitely the graceful and 'just right' stands they're sitting on and the containers they are in. Sometimes, a floral design comes together perfectly, and this was one of those times. While we're all about keeping the price point of the wedding to a very reasonable level (or as level as it can be these days!), we have always been fans of 'statement pieces' that really help the event be memorable and focused. This is one of those examples, and a very tall, dramatic and L.A.R.G.E. arragement on the buffet in the 90-degree corner on the south wall is frequently another. It fills up kind of a 'dead zone', and doesn't take up any useable space. It certainly draws the eye, and balances the corner against the rest of the room, stained glass, and guests.

Well, plants are still waiting in the front of the chapel to be planted, but at least they're here. Hopefully, we'll get some of that done this weekend, but our goal is to be planted by Friday at the latest. That gives us one week! Hopefully, the plants that we've selected will do well. Ever since the rose disease, we're steering clear of the thorned lovelies in favor of a few other variety of plants. Working on a couple of specific ones, and Mrs. Boss is headed to a new location early this week/this weekend to see what kind of unusual stuff they might have. We've heard good things about them, and they're a mom and pop business like we are!

Finally got Taylor's booking sheet out the door, and just need to work on a couple of changes. We're really looking foward to that wedding, since it's got such a strong, theatrical theme. Right up our alley!

Well, it's off to other projects now. Have a great friday and a tremendous weekend! See you on the other side, and don't forget how blessed you truly are!


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