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Staffing is locked in for the next two magical events at the chapel! We're so thankful for them!

One of the hallmarks of what we do at the chapel is attempt to provide the absolute best service possible. We are tremendously blessed, since for just about every single staffed event, one of our former brides, former grooms, or one of their grown children are always a part of the team. It's also fun (and this has been a banner year for it!) to include new chapel devotees into the mix who express interest in helping. 4 of our team members for this year are new to the chapel work roster, and that makes the change up even more fun! Looking forward to our next 3 events (really pretty much in a row) and making more magic happen in the good old summer time with folks in love!

Nothing to report from the chapel today. Watering, and that's about it. We will be starting very soon after Elena finishes making it sparkle on Monday in preparation for our next big event the following weekend. THEN the fun really begins, since we'll have multiple events and lots of laughter and happiness all around. Don't you just love this place? I know we do!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and staying cool and dry. Blessings to each and every one of our chapel fans, and we hope to see you soon!


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