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Stacie and Larry cut a rug, as usual, for Wedding Homecoming 2024 at the chapel! "It's hard not to dance, when the tunes are played by Vance"! (see what I just there? :)

Larry and Stacie are dancers! They're both great at it, and it's clear that they enjoy it greatly. I don't think there's a Wedding Homecoming they've missed, but I could be wrong. They're both great folks and we enjoy our chance to get together. They danced so well again this year that folks took notice and wanted to know who they were!

We're getting to show off the chapel tomorrow for a potential 50th Anniversary party, and looking forward to meeting these folks. They apparently know someone we do, so it's always great hearing about referrals. That sure tells us we're doing something right! :)

Mary got to stay at the chapel this weekend, and we had a nice bible study there last night. Otherwise, not too much to report from chapel-land, but we know we have a lot of limbs to trim in the yard as the weather warms up. Fortunately, it's warmer than it's been. Woohooo!

Well, that's all there is to report or NOT report on chapel activities. Hope all our brides and grooms are doing great, and enjoying great blessings! Talk to you as soon as we've got a chance to put another picture out here. (photo credit - John Bruce)


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