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Sometimes you get the distinct honor and privilege to serve people you truly adore. Thank you, God!

This mother and son photo was too rich not to snap last night. This is the lovely Mrs. Snyder and #1 son, and I had to capture the moment. The rehearsal dinner was perfection and we couldn't have done it without our wonderful team. Laura and Dan helped the Tavarez family with location, and their personal Chef Ivory was amazing with the grub! Alyssa and Grant seemed so happy and we know their day will be magical today. So much fun and meaning. Lots of sniffles during a couple of the speaking addresses along with the Salado Trio in the background made everything just right. Our handsome, young, B. Snyder featured in this photo is also looking toward the future with a special someone, and he's already been told that their rehearsal dinner has to be here. Repeat business. Just sayin'! :)

Otherwise, a quiet day at the chapel today. Still have some significant cleanup to do and then we head into L&J's biggest adventure! Weather is supposed to be a few degrees cooler next weekend (let us pray) but we're not expecting much of a difference. I was thankful that even though it was 103 outside at peak gametime for last night's dinner, it never got above 76 degrees in the chapel with 50 bodies in there. PTL. I'm going to ask Herman to look at the front unit, however, since that seemed pretty danged warm. They say you should only expect a 20 degree difference in a/c vs. outdoor temp, and we're so thankful to beat those numbers all the time!

Ok, gotta run and start preparing for A&G's nuptials today and also prep for Bryan and Tricia's par-tayyy! Our fun never slows down at the coolest chapel evah! Blessings to all our couples, young and old, and all that will be! Weekend it, people! :)


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