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Sometimes we're amazed at how unique people find the chapel, and then realize it looks like this!

Yeah, 'cuz doesn't everyone have this kind of moulding above their 8 burner ranges in the kitchen? Ok. I get the uniqueness. It's just that when you live inside the dream every day, it kind of becomes normal! Happy Saturday to one and all! We've received word that Savannah's mom and Nana are decending on the chapel tomorrow afternoon, and we can't wait. The weather this week has thrown off so many plans, but we're looking forward to that visit and our first installment of "The Chosen" bible study platform. If you've been considering our bible study @ 5p at the chapel each week, THIS would be a perfect week to start, since we'll probably be on this format for at least 2-3 months!

Wayyyyyyyy warmer in chapel land right now, and I've been told we may even be going out to lunch?!?!? Wow........Pretty exciting stuff. We're at 40 degrees. 4 0! It's still going into the nether regions of frozen hell this evening, but in the meantime, there's sunshine and happiness!

Shelby Mae even got to sunbathe just a bit on the back porch, but didn't last all that long. Overall a great day at the best chapel in the world! Don't forget our exciting March 6 games night madness, and we've already got 29 souls scheduled to clim on board! Should be a great evening of frivolity and fun! ....and that's ONE thing we know quite a bit about! Frivolity AND fun....well, actually, that's 2 things, I guess.

Well, the lunch bell is calling and we're outta here. Have a great Saturday, a wonderful Sunday, and a nice whole, ding danged week-end! Blessings!


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