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Sometimes, the bride and groom's futures are SO bright, they literally have to wear shades! :)

S&D's day was so tremendous, they really did deserve this star-power treatment! It's so fun going down memory lane in my photo files and coming up with gems like this that make me smile!

Hello, chapel-lovers! Hope everyone is doing great today! The chapel got a nice little 'lift' this weekend with Chloe and Mrs. Boss working on the front bedding areas for garden soil, while I enjoyed a visit with Megan and Will to discuss decor. Loving Megan's take on tall brass candlesticks, pattered table toppers, and her general, laid back approach to the big day.

Mrs. C is finishing up at the chapel, making everything sparkle as always. @ 5p tonight, we've got a photo shoot with Alyssa, so we're excited about that. Chloe did even more touch-up/clean-up around the grounds of the chapel yesterday, so things look extra nice. ...for this time of the year! It's always so hard for us during the winter season, since everytyhing looks pretty gray and dull, but soon, spring will shine through.

That's about it from this end........great bible study group last night, and we're still looking forward to the March 6th games night fundraiser! Woooohoooo! Blessings to all, and have a great one!


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