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Sometimes brides visit when it has absolutely nothing to do with a wedding! Sometimes it's VEGGIES!

You know you're geriatric when you get really, really excited about the veg for your garden, but there you go. We were so excited to see Raeshel here at Caliber Oak this week, who has beautiful bedding plants for sale (support your sister brides, girls) and some of the tomato stems at this young age make it look like a couple of these plants will grow into trees! R&D (they share our initials) have a spot in the country, and she's recently left being an on-site NP to pursue other healthcare and farm and ranching options. She's doing the cows, the chickies, the zinnias, the veg! You name it, she's doing it and also working a side gig as an NP. Her happiness with her family is so very important to us, and it's always fun seeing our brides and grooms find their way toward new and exciting dreams! Mr. Pehl will also sell you a beautifully restored car or truck at his special lot in Temple called Auto Trends. Wonderful family, loving their new life, and so thankful to be staying in touch with me! She even tells me how much medicine to take, which is good, since so many of you know that my tendancy is to over medicate (blush)... God bless that family and their farm and ranch!

Otherwise, not much happening at the chapel of love today. I don't think I've even been down there today at all, but that's ok, because it's still sparkling from the star treatment Mrs. C provided yesterday. We're all set for the good soil from Cheaper Than Dirt for the front beds, which means we need to disconnect the trailer, which means that Oscar needs to come finish the barn.... See how complicated life can be! Now you understand why we think doing perfect weddings are like falling off a log!

I'm just looking at this photograph again, and wishing I'd paid more attention to what all Raeshel said I was getting with these plants....some of them look pretty familiar, but some of them looks different, so it'll be neat to see how they grow! Have a wonderful roll into midweek, if you're local, stay warm...81 degrees this afternoon apparently turns into 38 by morning.... what? ...and God bless us, every one!


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