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Some people just know how to roll on their wedding day. Sometimes a fire truck, sometimes a Jag!

Shawn and Alice left in a pretty fancy fire truck for their wedding, and this last weekend, Paige and Trevor departed in a pretty priceless vintage Jaguar!

The Jaguar is owned by Trevor's folks, and is one of those very special, $$$,$$$ kind of cars that makes you double take. It's a great reminder of how much leadership Jaguar provided in the international automotive world in the 1950's and is certainly of major, race-winning lineage. An amazing car, and care-taken by a great guy named Chip!

Life is relatively cool and calm at the chapel. Work to be done today on S&J's big day, but everything is coming together beautifully, and it's always nice when the guest list gets 'shrunk' just a bit so that all of the fun is divided that day with larger portions per person! :) I need to head down there soon and do a little work, but all should be wonderful for decor installation and rehearsal on Friday. So looking forward to that AND to the return of our fearless leader for bible study at Church @ The Chapel on Sunday!

The new custom gate is here, and Tim and I were able to have a discussion about progress on that this morning. Posts, install, hinging, and electric openers are all on the table, and while they will take a bit of time, it'll be so fun for everyone involved to have this upgrade. The paint color that Chris put on the fence is perfect with the entry stone grout, so all is coming together nicely.

Have an excellent Tuesday. Maybe eat a Taco? Blessings to all our chapel fans!


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