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Some brides know how to truly kick it old school! I don't know how Jarrah walked in these but wow!

I am thinking I've never seen a taller heel on a pair in my life, but I could be wrong, and I've even sold shoes before! :) These were primarily for her very special magazine photo shoot the day of the wedding, but she still managed to wear them and not fall down, which I think would be a major accomplishment. Lot's of style with this girl, and she matches her groom just right!

Merry Christmas Eve from all of us at the Chapel at Caliber Oak, and we hope everyone's home is filled with the delights of laughter, health, good smells, and strong bourbon for the next few days. We're excited about the holiday and pumped for fun!

Still need to get some rye grass for the bridal courtyard at the store at some point. I had no idea that apparently it helps the summer grass (weeds in our case! :) with aeration and growth. That's kind of neat, and it makes the springtime weddings look a lot greener and fresh.

Lots of presents under the chapel tree from John and Marcy that need to be opened tonight, and we'll still enjoy the tree until Denise's birthday! So looking forward to the week between Christmas and New Years, since it looks like prepping for some NYE fun AND getting to have a few movie nights in between!

Ok, I think it's officially lunch time, so I'm going to go! Merry Christmas and congrats to Nicole and James for selecting YOUR love boat captain as their officiant for their upcoming wedding! I'm the gift that keeps on giving, y'all! Blessings at you 24/7!


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