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Show me the Money! And I don't mean the dollar dance! Not everything is lace and rosepetals here!

The Fishbowl 0' Cash can only mean one thing! It's FUNDRAISER time at the chapel of love and good luck! We've teamed up with Slice of Heaven Educational Farm just down the road from the chapel, and are having another, wildly fun, wildly LOUD games night! Those of you who have been here know which game we love the most, and those that haven't will find out it requires absolutely 0 experience or skill and can be learned in about 4 nanoseconds! The event is MARCH 6 @ 6p (easy to remember) and we need an RSVP for a headcount! Mrs. Boss is handling that, so please let Denise know at 254 760 1590 via text or phone that you're coming, or just shoot me an email at or some other way to shout at us. The requested initial donation is $15, and we'll be happy to continue to 'win you over' as you continue to spend and play that evening. It's a fun activity for 8 year olds and 80 year olds, so we know you'll enjoy it. Beverages and food will be provided and we hope that SoHEF ends up with at least $,$$$ in proceeds from the evening, since the house will not be taking a dime and it's all pure donation! Get yer $5's, get yer $1', Heck, get your $100's all facing the same direction and come see us on March 6 for more fun. If you've got questions about the game or need more information, give me a shout at 254 718 0680, and I'll 'hep' you out! Hope to see you there!

Otherwise, we're hiding from the sleetflakes here at the chapel today! Cold winter weather has decended and all is well so far, since we still have electricity and water! These are the two things that keep us afloat during challenging winter conditions. Say a prayer that the power stays on, and we're getting to spend more time in our own, cozy prayer circles this week, since the cold weather gives you time to do that! Hope to have you join us for our first EVER "The Chosen" bible study with video installment, lead by our very own in-house, Bryan Rugh! Bible study is at 5p on Sunday! Stay warm, save your cash for March 6, and God Bless A. Merica!



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