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Possibly the coolest theme element ever to be used at a chapel wedding. ...And....a pink telephone!

It just doesn't get cooler than this. First time a 'neon' has been hung inside, and it was amazing. Perfect spot for photo ops, and the telephone, stand and hair on hide rug were perfect. The chair is a reproduction piece from West Elm, and was so freaking comfortable! I know their stuff isn't cheap, but I could get into it. The whole thing just came together. I wasn't sure it was going to look ok in front of the Barros Mantle, but it ended up giving it even more theme charm, so it was all good. Congrats, again, Taylor and Karen for creating one of the coolest theme weddings we've ever had here.

We had a GREAT visit yesterday that I wish could have lasted longer with Nicole and Garrit. They brought us great wines, muscle rub and a boat load of vintage children's books that we're going to figure out what to do with. They're such a delightful couple, that we can't wait for their big day this fall. We know it's going to be excellent. We're so blessed with such great couples, and I think it pays to be choosy. :)

Sonia and Armando come back for a rematch today with parental units to discuss possibly having their wedding here. We really like them both and they're sharp and savvy kids. Sonia is a cross between bride Mary Linz and friend Naju Barucha... so we like her already! Armando just stays out of the way while Sonia asks questions. I told you they were wise!

Otherwise, just bible study this evening with E1S2 of The Chosen. We actually need to finish the workbook for this evening, still. If you're interested in being here, let us know! Otherwise, have a great end to the week end (otherwise known as a weekendend) and we'll see you on the flip side of next week! Blessings on ya!


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