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Perky, Spring-timey, Country, and comes with color-coordinated miniature bride's maids! Sunflower!

I think Deborah had a theme in mind for her wedding. What do you think? :) She clearly pulled off the festive, country vibe with the bold yellow dresses and great gingham runners. The runners for the outside were in a sunflower pattern, so everything coordinated beautifully. We've never had 'wood' chargers here on tap, and they worked just fine with the excellent and warm color palette. It's fun having something bold and non-pastel every once in a while and this wedding was THAT! The chocolate brown melded nicely with everything going on, and we think it turned out exactly as planned. The bride and groom couldn't say enough wonderful stuff about how well things went, and the place, and the staff, etc! We love it when that happens! We couldn't have pulled it off without John, Jolene, Brandie and Emma, esp since the boss had to be gone for a bit. It was a treat for yours truly, since the '51 was in the photos and the fun. An absolutely wonderful day, all the way around! Now, I need to set down to get their deposit refund out to them! Paperwork, paperwork!

Everything else is hunky dory at the chapel today. Plants are growing, the grass is greening up, and our signature '71 Cadillac Eldorado convertible is at Chris G's shop getting new stuff, turned up, and repaired. All is rolling smooth as silk, as we start the beginning stirrings for the next big wedding. Mrs. C made everything sparkle down there today, but we sadly didn't get to see her, since we were tied up here!

Have a wonderful start to your week, and smile when you see a sunflower! We WILL smile back!


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