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One of the last dances of the night, and Wedding Homecoming '22 was in the books. Really Great!

Griselda worked a bazillion hours on Saturday but STILL managed to make it to wedding homecoming with Greg. They got here late, but were able to enjoy the tail end of the festivities, do a little dancing, have a drink, etc. Such an excellent party and it made such a difference to have them be able to come. She worked a tremendous amount this weekend, but that's where the new pool at the new house will come from! Wooohoo! I can taste the pina coladas already......

Elena spent the morning dealing with the aftermath of the party, and has everything all back to spic and span for our next visitors. I've had a couple inquiries from folks who'd like to come visit to check out the chapel for their wedding, so that'd be fun. We also need to work on getting all the groom's room furnishings back in place now that the floors are done. Hopefully, this week.

At this point, our next wedding isn't until March, but we never complain about this annual slow time. It gives us a chance to catch up, organize and enjoy the chapel privately. We also never know when there could be a wedding with a very short 'throw' due to scheduling or other immediate it's nice to have it available for such events. We've still got 2-3 charity fundraiser folks in the works who are hammering out details to use the chapel for local fundraising. I'm still interested in the potential for another 'game' night to benefit local charity! We'll see what happens.

Have a wonderful day, don't sweat the small stuff, and do something special for yourself today! Talk to you soon!


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