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One of our favorite shots from the chapel entry gate...This angel never stops praying for all of us!

Prayers are wonderful things, and we love giving and getting them every chance we get. We're pretty excited about meeting Rebecca and Austin tomorrow, since we had a rediculously fun and rowdy 47 minute phone introduction last night! Also, many thanks to Branch Skeeter for letting them know about our very special chapel!

A bit chilly out there for chapel activities today, but as I mentioned on my personal blog, the temp on monday is supposed to be 81 degrees, so it's danged near time to get some topsoil rollin' out here and start working these beds! Love the springtime weather, but Clemente (our lifesaver handyman) said that we go back into the 20's by next week at this there you go. At least we haven't had "Freezemageddon II" this year so far, and we'd rather not ever repeat that delightful experience! Brrrrr.

Looking forward to bible study this weekend, and we get the 'blackout' curtains put up for movie watching today! They're just temporary pop-in/pop-out so that they wont interfere with the look for weddings, but will make seeing the screen from the projector a whole lot easier! Key buy at only $10 a panel, too! Those of you who have worked a wedding with me as a bride and groom know I'm all about a bargain.... Making your day really special without BREAKING the bank is my motto, and $10 curtains just speak to me beautifully! :)

Ok, I need to go and see what's next on today's agenda. Many blessings to you all and thanks for stopping in!


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