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One Happy Graduate, Aggie, Instagram Princess! We are so excited for Emma's new beginnings! Whoop!

This little lady is amazing. Some of it is because of exceptional USMC/Irish Momma parenting, but also, Miss Emma Grace has what it takes under the hood to power through just about everything. She's worked chapel events, event prep, helped us with landscaping, vehicle clean up, exterior electrical work (well, that one didn't go as well as expected. She was rather shocked with the results) :) and just about everything else around here. We're so excited that she's going to continue to be our "Instagram Princess" for the chapel Insta page, and has done so much to make it light, bright, appealing and just the right demo-grab for our highest hit-rate audience. We're so proud of her, and couldn't be happier that she's attending A&M this fall. Close enough for a posse to come if necessary, but not toooooo close where she doesn't get to completely spread her wings. She'll be tremendous at everything she does, and her spirit is contageous. Congrats, E.G.G., and come see us when you're home! least I know I'll get a text when I need to pay her for Insta time, so there's that! :)

Everything's coming up crispy at the chapel of love this week, as temps soar and there's no rain in sight. Chloe is headed down there now to heavily water whatever she can to keep it running for our summer events. A bit of rain, Good Lord, would be so very welcome right now. We could really use it.

I've got to run due to lumber deliveries and other activities, but we hope y'all will try to stay cool, and have a great weekend! Talk to you soon!


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