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Ok, I know it's a little fuzzy, but this time we're totally blaming my phone. I should have restarted it before the wedding, and my storage space is at maximum. Good thing the rest of the day was ++

I know..........excuses, excuses! Well, at least this was about the only thing that didn't turn out with virtual perfection on Saturday. Jordon and Tommie's wedding was excellent, their guests had a great time, and it was a feelgood festival all around! We had so much fun and are so thankful that the two of them are as happy with how things turned out as we are. Cake was tremendous, btw, and NObody went hungry. There were approximately 300 lbs. of Cane's chicken tenders here (lol!) and it was such a cool service for a wedding. These two really get how it works when you want to make the event special while you keep the comfort zone large and the food 'homestyle'! I've mentioned it on the blog (I think yesterday) but Jordon looked absolutely amazing for her biggest of days, and the smiles that these two had to share were just amazing. Thank you, God for bringing these two into our chapel and our lives! They're wonderful! We're still looking for the missing Bose speaker, but hopefully, somehow, that'll turn up, too! :)

A lovely day outside, and haven't been down to the chapel yet today. Elena made everything beautiful on Monday, so we're ready for the next event setup! Can't wait! It's a fun business to be in, and we get to meet such great folks!

Ok, time for breakfast since the boss is back from a long walk. Have a wonderful day, and head into the weekend with major positivity! You will be happy you did!


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