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Now this was an excellent touch we don't see every day! The most swords in the chapel, ever! Wow!

For the renewal of vows at M&L's event, they invited their fellow Quest participants, and the place was singing with many, many swords. Usually, you have to find a place for folks to put their coats on chilly days when the party begins, but for the first time ever, I was directing wedding guests to the groom's room so that their swords could be laid out properly on the bed after the ceremony. Mighty neat and a meaningful setup for all involved. Congrats, again, on 20 years together L&M!

They're still waiting on their deposit check, however, since there's a minor bank program glitch that I'm working around. That combined with my excellent ability to get things done SO quickly has caused a delay. Never fear, however, all will be rectified and made right, as always!

Quiet day at the chapel today, and we had an excellent Bible study session last night with wisdom, laughter and chips! We're so very thankful for this group.

Talked to some folks at Slice of Heaven on Saturday, and a Champagne Brunch to benefit the farm could be in the works for this fall. They're having their 3rd games night this summer, so we are thrilled beyond words that they're using the chapel to benefit their charity and that we get to be part of that success.

Bert & Lisa still need their bill for their upcoming wedding, which hasn't been sent! Yikes, are we sensing a trend here. It's amazing what I'll put off when I know I can get away with it!

Have a wonderful day, keep your sword pointed in a safe direction and let God handle your problems. It's a win-win for everyone! Blessings on ya!


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