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Now HERE's a sign that's hard to miss! wouldn't mind having something special like this for fun!

We are absolute suckers for retro, vintage, historic and NEON things! We were blessed by a break in the weddings schedule here at the chapel, and rode out to Las Vegas for Miss Denise's birthday! While we were there, our friend Lynda told us to visit the Las Vegas Neon Museum. What a FIND! It was super cool, and then as we walked through the 'boneyard', we discovered this lit-up gem and fell in love! Isn't it totally rad!??! The whole composition of this photo really turned out pretty neat, and I wouldn't mind having it framed for the chapel. We'll see if that comes to fruition!

Currently, all hands are on deck, or at least will be, for the excitement of our Annual Wedding Homecoming this weekend! Working on some custom table linens, the pizzas have been ordered, and plates are getting set out. A little beverage, napkins, some more glassware and my dance card will be ready! If you're one of our already married brides and grooms, we hope you're part of the group that's coming! If you ARE coming, be sure Miss Denise knows and be sure to check out the FB post about getting your favorite song on the VANCE playlist for Saturday night! We know it'll be another fun night, and there'll be CAKE, too! Woohoooo!

Well, I've got to get ready for bingo! Maybe tonight will be a winnnnnah kind of night. Blessings to one and all and hope to see our already marrieds at WH'23!


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