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Not our usual, straigh-on shot, but I love the way it shows how truly attractive this couple is!

...Another one for the books, and it was a delight! Needless to say, Paige and Trevor are absolutely radiant here, and we truly believe Paige may have had the most beautiful modeling of a wedding gown we have had at the chapel. Stunning in every way, and Trevor is a groom's groom...remaining focused, upbeat and FUN for the entire weekend! Were there bumps in the road? Yep, just like every wedding (it's kind of like a dressy reality tv but all was overcome and achieved! Wonderful wishes to these two, and they're already talking wedding homecoming! We love that!

Rachel and Jeff took amazing pictures this weekend, and of course, "Vance with the Dance" courtesy of Toast Entertainment was on-point (Paige and Trevor's playlist was awesome) and Andrea's cake was tremendous as always. Mike came all the way back from drill to be here to handle the bar and then head all the way back! Chloe and Jolene provided the help to make this happen that was so very needed. We got to meet some very special folks, and it's so neat to meet the people the two of them have 'collected' along the way. Wonderful families, incredible getaway car, and the whole place still smells of grace and elegance. Beautifully done, all around.

Today is a recovery day, while we clean up, wash, prep and change gears for the excitement this coming weekend, entitled Savannah and Jarod! We are so looking forward to this one as well, since we've worked with these crazy kiddos for quite some time to make it just right. Again with this weekend and next, we're so thankful to our living God for sending us just the right couples. We're not making any money, and our feet get sore, but the privilege of being a part of their celebration is all very, very worth it!

Please have an amazing week! We love our chapel fans, and hope you'll come visit. When you get a chance, say a prayer for ALL of our wonderful couples (as we do), since they're the best-est! Blessings on each and everyone reading this today!


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