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Not only was it Cinco de Mayo weekend, it was Bert & Lisa's 25th wedding anniversary week as well!

Crazy great weekend. Our dear friends, Lisa and Bert from Round Rock had their 25th wedding anniversary at the chapel of perpetual love 'n rock & roll. Lisa and I were just texting each other on another front, and have come up with some creative bits for a chapel event coming up.

Anyway, their party was terrific. Everyone had a lovely time, the chapel was clearly on-point with everything needed, and the coolest wrap-up part is that Lisa and Bert got to stay the WHOLE DAY with us on Sunday so that they could come to bible study. Magical wonderment! Congrats, to B&L on such a big day, and many thanks for their trust in us to make it happen. Also, when you're daughter was married here last year, and you love the place so much you have your 25th here?!!?!? Just sayin'........there's a review!

So allergies are just about to wash over the bow, but the good news is that it's mold allergy, which means we had rain (even today again!) which is never complained about round here. We'll take it!

SSWS is having their luncheon and officer's installation here this week, and we're excited about that! Everything is already done on this end..... Way more productive than I expected yesterday, and we're all set. It's always so neat to be able to give back when it works out.

Things are in bloom, flowers are returning, and spring is really springing! We're loving it. Chapel convertible season is in full swing with the BMW and Eldorado both enjoying their time in the sun, and I have a feeling there'll be a third convertible sister to join them. Maybe not, but it could happen! :)

Ok, the boss is reading, I'm wrapping this up, and God has everything under control! Hope all is well, and we're looking forward to seeing Lana and Ryan's mom here tomorrow! AND it's Mass day at SSCC! Heavens, we're a gonna be busy! Make it wonderful, y'all!


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