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Not much to look at right this minute, but hopefully in about 14 days they will make chapel beauty!

Zinnia seeds don't look like much in a mixing bowl, but when they flower, they are wonderful! We're working on our plan to get some nice dirt and get these little lovelies in the ground in front of the chapel in the next two weeks. They're always such a cheerful addition to every wedding and the promise of springtime and beauty that pops up out of the ground always lifts our spirits. The other thing that's great about our "Z's" is that they are the hardiest, heat tolerant flower out there that seem to be able to take just about anything! These seeds get re-sown every year, but I also need to get some new ones, since that always helps freshen the look. Between this and some flowering shrubs and some weeding, we should be wedding ready in no time! :)

Hope your friday is off to a great start! We're getting busier and busier with spring weddings approaching and the calendar is getting full! Lots of visits going on, squeezing folks in here and there... It's all part of the fun.

Tonight, the chapel hosts Fat Tuesday '22, and we've got a nice cast of characters who will eat, drink, celebrate and watch the excellent film. After all, tomorrow we are all reminded "Ashes to Ashes", which is no joke! Do something wonderful for someone today that's unexpected, and also treat yourself to something fun! Lent is a great time for reflection and growth, but the absence of french fries kind of makes me blue! We'll survive!

Blessings to all for a great Fat Tuesday, Wonderful Ash Wednesday and a meaningful and focused Lenten season! See you on the other side of tonight! :)


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