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Natalie took this photo at wedding homecoming and said, "I finally have a good picture of you, Cap!"

...Makes you kind of wonder how many BAD pictures she has of me, right? I will have to admit I've looked worse in photos in the last few years, so at least this one doesn't have as much cryptkeeper going on. Still basking in the glow of one of the best Wedding Homecomings ever. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, and I know we did. We're already looking forward to next year.

Hope your friday is unfolding nicely, with no tears or blemishes on the page. We're looking forward to spending most of the day at the chapel tomorrow, since we have 3 big visits, starting at 10a! Always fun meeting new couples and also meeting family members of booked couples that will be sharing the big day with us.

Please share your prayers with ours for Marie O'Neil, who is the grandmother of the bride who passed away very suddenly this week. Marie was a tremendous person and stepped in to help raise Amberlyn when she lost her daughter. We have never worked with a more enthused and joyful grandmother/mother of the Marie understood the importance of sharing the joy of a special day and how brief life really is! God bless you, Marie, and we know you're at a great party right now. Better than Caliber Oak, but ALL of His parties are the best!

Oh, there's a distinct possibiity that the new, custom created, Chris Carpenter designed entry gate for Caliber Oak will be delivered/installed this weekend! We're so excited and Chris did such an outstanding job on the project. He truly is a talented guy.

Gotta go......things to do, menues to figure out, etc. Blessings to one and all for a great day!


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