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My memory is about as blurry as this cake picture, but they're both still relatively excellent!

Cannot remember who's wedding this cake was for, but I do know that it was quite a long time ago. I really like the rose siding and small, corsage top. Pretty classy and just a bit fussy, which always looks good with a wedding cake. I'm sure it tasted as good as it looked!

Hope everyone who loves our little chapel is having a great day today! We're all excited about Deborah and Carl's biggest of days, and we're pretty darned ready. The 3 things I need to do today are moving the arch, getting the Eldorado prepped, and printing off their wedding vows. Well, one of those is already done, and we're working on the others. Looks like 5p will be the warmest point of the day, and that's always the best time to approach the Eldorado convertible if you want any post winter startup to happen! :) I'm sure she'll fire right up and we'll be in business.

The amount of help Jolene and Chloe provided over the last two days made all the difference, and Deb's setup looks amazing. Crisp color contrasts with warm overtones that really match the room very, very well. Just add a great ceremony with a handsome officiant (ahem), a great bartender and good food and music. Who could ask for anything more!!?? Looking forward to seeing them tomorrow for decor installation and we don't even have to do a rehearsal, since this group is so wonderfully laid back. We're gonna have FUN!

Have some fun yourself today, and every day, and say a little prayer! Blessings to all of our chapel peeps, and we hope the weekend will be magic for each and every one of you!


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