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Magic in the universe! Look at these 2 on a Sunday wedding day! Very special, and really fun!

We really don't do a lot of Sunday weddings here. I'm trying to think of the last one and can't, but I bet Mrs. Boss probably could! T&D locked marital horns yesterday and it was very special. Simple. Small. Full of genuine good taste. From the perfect dress for our bride to the flowers, benches, special decor touches and family characters, the whole thing was spun silk! Everything went off without a hitch, and you can tell that the background of this photo isn't having any fun at all! NOT! Thanks, D&T for letting us be a part of the special-ness that your day represented. Shall we have a big party together? We say oh, yeah! Can't wait.

Beautiful day today in chapel land, and Mrs. Boss just got done in the courtyard watering. Things are rocking nicely. Last night's bible study was great and the team even helped take down/ship out the decor items for the wedding earlier in the day. (they're a lovely group). Next week, yours truly takes command of the bible study guide once again, and hopefully does a decent job. He got good feedback last time, but is probably his own worst critic.

Clemente has such beautiful new paint on the furniture pieces, and we're so excited about the upcoming weddings. Mrs. C is heading to the chapel next week to make things beautifully clean for the next wedding celebration. We are so thankful.

Anyway, congrats to our newest Caliber Oak bride and groom, many wonderful years of tremendous love and the luxury of each other, and we will see you before you know it! (wink, wink!) Later, all!


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