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Love this photo from Samantha and Richard's wedding! Chloe is like FOOD IS HERE! It was so great!

You can just never have enough Mi Pueblo in your life! They catered with excellence for last weekend's wedding, but finding a place for 89000 lbs of food was the challenge! Everyone went away from the tables full, and there was enough to feed another army the next day! Well done, and beautifully handled by our expert staff of Norma, Chloe and Missy! Such a fun wedding.

Repairs to the floor continue at the chapel and we're debating on finishes. After thinking we were going to paint a pattern on the floor, I think we're going to go back to a custom stain option that always turns out great.

Looking forward to our upcoming visits and Christmas parties! Hopefully, we'll find time this weekend to get the Christmas tree up and get the lights working. Rumor has it that there's a little helper elf that might be able to make that light detangling a bit easier? We shall see!

Otherwise, not much else going on....... It's lovely to have a wedding, and it's also lovely to have a weekend off! :) Blessings to all our brides and grooms and everyone else! It's so fun to include our special couples in our prayers every day!


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