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Love that a bride and groom's big day gets to be however they color it! In or Outside the lines!

A lot of people get over their love of crayons long before their 60th birthday. Do you think Cap is one of those people? I think not. I love how easy they are to use, how much they can change the page, and how inexpensive the colorful fun really is in this medium. Kind of like our beloved chapel. So many possibilities and so many blessings!

A&G's wedding rehearsal is booked and selected and chosen. Perfection inside and out, and it was such a treat to meet Grant's mom. Can't wait for this particular big day!

Cold weather is headed to the chapel as it is for the rest of Central Texas, but we'll surive. We love the warm temps so much more, but pretty much don't complain about too much (except when the power/water get turned off!).

Clemente has finished the floor in the groom's room beautifully, and we've got time to get all the pieces back in place before wedding homecoming, we hope! Pizza and cake are ordered, beverages friday, and we're all set for another grand celebration of marriage and joviality and commonality! Cannot wait! It truly is one of our favorite evenings of the year.

Well, lots to do before nightfall, so I'll close. God bless each and every one of our brides, groom's, their families, their kids and their dogs! Talk at you soon!

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