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Just so you know, Caliber Oak babies are the cutest babies in the world! Ask ANY of our brides! :)

Are these two not just precious?!?!? The part I love is how gorgeous they both look in the place where mommy said "I Do", on the day that Aunt Sarah said "I Do", which is the whole family connection that we love about our sacred little space. One of the best flowergirl performances of all time, she did her job well with impromptu floral flair, and was just a joy to behold. What a sweetie, and we love her mom and dad, too!

All is rock and rolling at the chapel at present. Getting ready for seasonal change, and excited to meet a new couple for a tour tomorrow! Always so fun to meet new folks and have God put them in our chapel path for fun and friendship. The groom's room still isn't showing well, and the bride's room is a disaster with all the spillover from the groom's room, but one must just be sure to bring their imagination hat (not a mask) to the tour! The tree is down, and I'm thinking Elena is going to be making things beautiful her next week, so things are all looking up! We still can't get over how much rain we got last week that caused rivulets in the decomposed gravel in front of the chapel! At least it didn't expose the water line like it has before. That's a scary moment, for sure! :)

Well, other than taking down Christmas, giving tours and tidying up a bit from the back storage room project, not much else is happening at the Chapel of Love at present. Stay tuned, however, as WEDDING HOMECOMING 2022 creeps up on the horizon! Don't forget, if you're a bride and groom who's been married here, be sure Miss Denise knows you're coming! Woohooo! Blessings to all for a tremendous day!


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