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Just because you're not a real parent doesn't mean that you can't be parental. Take a look at this!

I almost laugh when I look at this photo, since this is so much the relationship with Molly and me. I look like the stern, semi-wise parent here, and she looks like she broke curfew the night before. lol! I realized now, several years later, that my 'parental side' has actually helped many, many brides have a perfect wedding day and feel valued and honored. I think that's what parent's should do, although I've only played on on stage and screen! :) Still love the "Cap and Molly Collection"!

The chapel was busy yesterday, with a delightful visit from Hank and family. We truly enjoyed meeting them and know they'll have a great wedding wherever they decide to have the festivities. Gotta love a groom who's toting a 9mm under his Christmas sweater! Our kind of kids!

Bible study was excellent as well...never quite as good as when Bryan leads, but we made it through. Good food, good people, honest sharing. That's what it's all about.

Still working on cleaning out the back closet so the main room looks like hammered you.know.what. We'll get it all done and figured out, but it looks rather destroyed in there right now. We're thinking our next gig is most probably Wedding Homecoming, so we can get it all sorted by then. If you're a bride and groom who's already been married at the chapel and can come to wedding homecoming on 1/22/22, PLEASE let Miss Denise know at 254.760.1590. We didn't send out invitations this year, and are kind of playing catchup on the whole thing. If you know another bride and groom that might not know, PLEASE let them know. Caliber Oak couples don't let Caliber Oak couples miss a good party. Period!

Ok, getting some lunch with lots to do. Blessings to all of our C.O. families and prayers for a meaningful and blessed Christmas week!


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