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It's so fun when a photographer lets me be involved in photo shoots and she's a former bride! yay!

It was just plain great to get to see Raeshel the other evening, but it was also fun meeting Tobi and Gabe. They're not being married here (sadness all around) but these are supplement photos from their wedding. I got to suggest putting them in the little 'light cage' that's out by the steeple that Chloe and Mrs. Boss created, and it ended up being a great shot! Congratulations to these two and it was so fun seeing our wonderful RP!

Gearing up for the big L&J event this weekend, and if the Good Lord could keep the temps at bay, it would be great. We're expecting surface of the sun and going to do our best. Great room a/c is magical, and Moore Air is coming out tomorrow to be absolutely sure the front unit is in tip top shape for the weekend. We've got another shindig in just a few weeks, so we need to be fry-mageddon ready at all times! :)

Got an inquiry on a chapel visit and am working with Deanna to try to come up with a date for a CASA charity fundraiser. Never a dull moment at the chapel of dreams. Have a great day (I gotta go make a cake!) and include our special chapel in your prayers if you could. We always appreciate folks praying for our ministry here @ Caliber Oak! Blessings and shade on ya today!


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