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It's not every wedding that we get to see the guest favors actually being created! Great job, Lisa!

As I said to her....what kind of mom of the bride has time 2 days before the wedding to be making 120 perfectly decorated confection cookies and bagging each one beautifully? Lisa did! They were amazing and it meant so much that she made them for Libby's wedding. Not something I would try on my own, but she handled it wonderfully, and Bert was so proud, he sent me this photo! :)

Front steps of the chapel look amazing, and now if the Dear Lord would like to turn off the heat lamp, I think we're all ready for a bit of that, or at least a bit of rain!

Two bridal visits scheduled for next week, which is fairly unusual for mid-summer, but now's the time to plan for a fall or spring wedding. We've got so many fun ones coming up that we're really looking forward to.

Don't have much other chapel news on a mid-week that's do danged warm! At least one of the porta-cool units used at last weekend's wedding really provided some cool relief, and those things work way better than I would expect. 'Course, there's a big difference between a 97 degree wedding and a 107 degree wedding. Those who don't live in Texas just wouldn't understand that, but it's true. Stay cool, y'all and have a good day!


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