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It's not a wedding cake, but a BIRTHDAY cake! We celebrated Jon's birthday yesterday in style!

Let's just say it. Our bible study is better than your bible study. There. :) We had a wonderful group meeting last night, even though our fearless leader was unable to attend. It was Jon's birthday, so it was all about chocolate cake and chocolate icing. Andrea was tied up with lots of activities this weekend, but the old standby, HEB, came through with a yummy cake and an excellent frosting. I know people who had 2 pieces, and one, I believe, actually had 3! Happy birthday, indeed, Jon!

Well, it's planting week, so we're hoping to make some progress on the front landscaping. This week may actually be a tough one to pull that off with everything on the schedule, but at least the right weather is here and we're ready to plant shop and get them in the ground!

Denise spent some of her Lenten energy yesterday making the kitchen all organized in the chapel, and it really shows. More space than we've had in a while. It's amazing how you just end up collecting all kinds of stuff!

Enjoyed booking Taylor and Daniel's big day and excellent party this weekend. I need to sit down and get their booking sheet out to them, but aforementioned busy week may delay that a bit. We'll squeeze it in somewhere.

We hope that everyone has a chocolatey-yummy day, covered in chocolate icing! Make it a great week, and don't forget to thank God for EVERY blessing! Later!


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