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It's never too early to start planning for a fall wedding! Love us a pile of punkins' and gourds!

I know, I know.........spring isn't even here yet, and I'm pushing the fall motif. Hear me out....I love this look. There are those that say it's too trite for the fall season, but there's a reson for them being there then.... harvest, abundance, and color! I think this little pile here looks amazing, and I love the way God makes the cool, unique shapes and colors all come together. I'm also a huge fan of acorn squash for supper with brown sugar and butter, but just haven't been able to get that to work in our climate with my limited gardening skills. Thankfully, they're still relatively cheap at the store, and I keep trying in the raised beds...... But I digress.....

Fall weddings are fun weddings! Cooler temps, more comfortable bride, and rich looks from nice jewel color palettes. It's a natural. We've still got several dates available this fall, but we'll be honest.........we're booking pretty quick. 2022 is THE year to get married, apparently, and we're all about that!

Otherwise, chapel life is rolling along beautifully. Anxious to play in the flowerbeds, hang more outdoor lights and putter around the big white building. THAT, however, all has to wait until after the daily high temperature is something far greater than 38 degrees, which is predicted for the next two days. Um. Yuck.

Blessings to all our friends and families via the chapel! Looking forward to our next bridal visit, and can't wait to see Alyssa's engagement photos. Have a wonderful weekend!


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