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It's hard to find more hats in one place just about anywhere, except for the Kentucky Derby!

The tea was flowing and champagne specialties bubbling recently for the annual tea. Mrs. Boss wanted me to get this post out here so that she could see the 'best of' group shot. Clearly, my photography skills are NOT those of Jennifer or Rachel or dozens of others, but at least we got one 1/2 way decent shot of the attendees. Unfortunately, Jody had to leave before this shot was taken (and maybe one other guest?) but at least we've got evidence of smiles and a good time. It's the one party a year that she hosts, and really enjoys it!

Otherwise, except for preparing for this weekend's big event, things are pretty quiet in chapel-land! Met a nice man last night named Rodney who's looking for a venue, so you just never know who the next bride and groom will be out here!

Heard from Elizabeth and John in Chicagoland, and they're definitely planning to be here for wedding homecoming this year, which is such a treat. I need to get an invitation out to them. I'm going to be kind of hit and miss with the invites this year, so if you know the date (January 22, 2022 @ 7p), PLEASE mark it on your calendar, since you may not get a reminder in the mail from me. Just as a reminder here, this is the annual event that brings our already married couples together for introductions, visiting, eating, drinking and dancing. It's a hoot, and we're so glad we can host it. Not everyone is able to come every year, but if you're a bride and groom who've already been married here and can come for the celebration, please DO! Just RSVP to Miss Denise at 254. 760. 1590. so that she'll know you're coming and we have plenty of adult beverages, pizza and DJ dancing room on the dance floor! Hope to see you there.

Well, nothing else to report on this end.... Steaming linens and getting excited about this weekend's wedding........ Hope you have a wonderful day, come visit, and blessings to one and all!


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