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Is that chapel rose not just near absolute perfection? They've been hard to come by this season!

We love roses, and they're so frequently a fragrant and meaningful part of what we do at the chapel.. Unfortunately, our friend Mary told us about a 'rose disease' that's affecting Texas growers, and it's evident here. Maybe things will be better next season, but this bloom shows no indication of drama or trauma! We'll probably include this in our annual cards collection....Mrs. Boss knows how to take a photo!

Hope everyone is have a terrific day today! We're meeting with a performance team at the chapel today to plan the KofC dinner for St. Stephens Catholic Church for their Christmas event, but otherwise, don't have too much on the calendar. As many of you know, when we have a wedding weekend, we're thrilled.......when we don't .......we're thrilled! That's just how life works! :) Looking forward to meeting two new brides who are scheduled for visits in the next few weeks.

The new party lights for the trees near the steeple have come in, and we're anxious to get them up. Way more 'Euro' looking and I think it's healthier for the trees not to have lights wrapped around them. We may have damaged the tree in the front that way, but we're not sure. Live and learn! Just like marriage, right? .......and isn't that the primary chapel message here?!?!?!?

We hope all our brides and grooms have a great weekend. We know we'll see some of them at bible study tomorrow night (don't be shy...c'mon down!) Walking into turkey day week like .......yeah....lovin' this...........theee Holidays! Tree is on the main room floor and ready for trimming, so let the eggnogging begin very, very soon!


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